ATSA Standards

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2 Star Rating 200 points 3 Star Rating 250 points 4 Star Rating 350 points 5 Star Rating 600 points

Uniformed Tow Operators/Drivers:
shirts must have co’ name visible and meet ANSI requirements
Mandatory. 30 points W/Collared shirts: 50 points

Minimum liability insurance: $500,000, plus on-hook coverage. Mandatory. 50 points

Proof of “Passed” Vehicle Inspection for all operating trucks. Mandatory. 50 points

Satisfactory Truck Fleet: Vehicles predominantly clean with insignificant dents or rust; show company name clearly with phone number: Mandatory for 4/5 Stars. 50 points

DMV Reports on all tow operators. Mandatory for 4/5 Stars. 50 points

Proof of Background Checks on company tow operators. Mandatory for 5 Stars. 50 points

Company Policy Handbook: 30 points

Membership in a Towing Association: local or state-wide. 30 points.

Membership in a National Towing Association: 30 points

Paid Subscriber Towing Industry Trade Publication, print or online. 30 points

Computerized Cost Management: use of computer to enhance cost management. 20 points

On-time Service Performance: 90% customer satisfaction based on 3rd party survey of minimum 50 random customer respondents. 30 points.

Commendations for Service Performance: minimum of 3 letters within past 12 months. 10 Points

Professionally Trained Operators: trained by experienced professional trainers, such as WreckMaster, CTTA, STO, TTSA, NATA, Luciano, Resch ….complete list included in ratings kit; 75% of driver force, two-day training – 100 points; 50% of force – 75 points; owner or one driver – 30 points.

Tow Operator Certification: written test on 75% of all company drivers from a nationally recognized (WreckMaster or TRAA) or statewide-recognized certification program. 75 points

Drug Free Workplace: proof through random testing program. 50 points

Safety Training Program, in-house and ongoing, safety meetings or instructor-based clinics are mandatory for points. Must include safety literature, and or, videos. 50 points Note: a poster/placard based safety awareness program can qualify for 10 points

Tow Operators Procedures Handbook:safety orientation detailing basic towing procedures and customer service situations. 30 points

Handbook on Professional Dispatch Procedures: 30 points

Computerized Dispatch, and, or, GPS, used as a dispatching tool. 30 points

Passed DOT Audit, or processed through “mock” DOT audit. 30 points

Recipient of Service Performance Award: recognized by a third party involved in dispatch or oversight of towing and recovery or emergency road service. Award programs like the Order of Towman, nominated by police chiefs, or the Towman ACE, nominated by motor clubs or national dispatchers, would qualify. 30 points

24/7 service: 20 points