Being Rated by the American Towman Standards Authority (ATSA) means that your towing company is meeting certain  professional standards of operation that are important, not only to your own success, but to those who use your services.

The Standards serve a dual purpose; one, as a marketing tool to help a towing company stand out among its competitors, and two, as a management tool for the tow boss striving to take his operation to a higher level of professionalism.

Being rated by a third party that inspects one’s operating procedures is a meaningful statement in the eyes of  police chiefs, motor clubs, commercial accounts, and the motoring public. It is also an achievement that boosts company morale and performance.


ATSA Promotes You

police-tow-carriercleaned_reszUpon being Rated, ATSA sends an official letter of notification on your company’s Rating to your  police chief and local newspaper. The letter to the newspaper is in an article format and may include a photo of you with your tow truck. In lieu of the negative press the towing industry often receives, this is the kind of positive news that newspapers are looking to print.

You will receive a large Rating Designation that adheres(without glue) to your truck window, an ATSA Wall Cerfificate, and your Rating Crest (patch) for your company uniform.

You receive promotional tools for your web site, internet advertising and listings, and even the old yellow pages.

As a Rated towing company you will benefit from ATSA’s promotional campaign to insurance companies and motor clubs, police chiefs and the motoring public, using internet and mass media outlets.