About ATSA

The American Towman Standards Authority is the towing and recovery industry’s exclusive organization for rating a towing operation for its level of professionalism. Established in 1998 by American Towman Magazine, ATSA brought together industry leaders from the towing, training, insurance, and motor club communities for the purpose of defining operating standards believed to be either critical or important to running a professional towing operation. The Standards agreed upon had to meet two critical criteria, in that they would be 1) universally accepted and 2) have the ability to be monitored in a practical manner.

In 2010 The American Towman Standards Authority incorporated and created a new Board of Advisors, drawn from various industry segments. The current rating system has been updated to reflect changes that have occurred over the past decade. For example, because of today’s ANSI requirements on reflected wear, the Standard on Uniforms requires compliance with these laws.

ATSA continues to be sanctioned by American Towman Magazine, the industry leader in trade communications. ATSA’s mission is to help the towing industry prosper by raising the bar by which it operates, and by serving the individual towing company with management and promotional tools that can help it to succeed and be recognized for its professionalism.


All documentation held by ATSA for the purpose of rating a towing company is assured confidentiality. Whether or not a company meets a particular Standard is also private information unless that company authorizes otherwise.

American Towman requires that the rating process is audited twice annually by a third party, independent of the magazine and the ATSA Rating Bureau, the arm that administers the rating process. The purpose of the independent audit is to assure both the confidentiality and integrity of the rating process.

ATSA Board of Advisors:

Justin Cruse, President, WreckMaster, Inc.

Bill Johnson, President, Statewide Towing Association of Massachusetts (STA)

Cynthia Martineau, Executive Director, STA

Dan Messina, President, Southwest Tow Operators

Dennie Ortiz, Publisher, American Towman Magazine

Bruce D. Hollingsworth, Senior Contracts Mgr., Liberty Mutual

John Borowski, Amber Energy Services

Jean Williams, President, Travis Barlow Company

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